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4th July , 2015 

New resin replica Magazines and ordnance ..... Blaser TAC 2  .338 Lapua  5 & 8 round mags , H & K 417 7.62mm 20 round mags , Barret M2 .50 cal 10 round mags ...all in the replica magazine section .......resin flash bang grenades and Para Flares in the grenade section !!

FN MAG 58 Replica - real timber butt, aluminium , metal and resin( trigger assembly and trunnion ), alloy feed cover and receiver side plates - raises to accept  belt of ammo, bipod folds , rear sight leaf raises. $ 1980.00 each plus freight
M240 Bravo version available with removable barrel P.O.A - limited availability

WW1 Lewis Light  Machine Gun replicas .. Metal / aluminium with timber furniture and metal folding bipod ..approx 9 kg in weight 
Manufacturer markings/nomenclacture reproduced on feed cover 
... $ 2200.00 plus $ 120.00 freight Australia wide , tracked and insured 

More details available via email or see extra detail on the replace Machine Gun Page link below.

Also now available :
RPG  7 ( Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers ) 

Metal tube with aluminium construction barrel and trigger assembly, real heat shields , optic sights. 

Authentic Soviet markings on aluminium grip assembly with resin grips.

Removable resin repro rocket 

Weight approx 4 kg 

$ 1400.00 each plus freight of $ 90.00 Australia wide 




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